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The Kitting program enables your store to easily assemble inventory packages, making it an ideal tool for creating course packs, selling computers assembled in-store or including a bonus product with purchase.

The Kitting program manages the ordering and inventory for all the component pieces for that kit. When a kit needs to be built, Kitting will produce a picking list for all the component pieces which the final product requires.

With the Kitting program: inventory replenishment can be controlled by setting minimum inventory levels for components; final products are tracked by the Inventory program; and projection reports can be created to determine how many kits will be needed and therefore how many component pieces need to be ordered.

The kitting process is completely reversible: a final product can be "unbuilt" and all the component pieces returned to inventory for individual sale, for use in other kits or for return to a supplier. The reverse kit is also a useful feature when pre-stocked displays are received in store. The display can be defined as a kit of component parts and then "unbuilt" into those parts for better inventory tracking.

Builds packages with multiple components
Automatically produces a picking list
Updates inventory for each component
Includes customizable kit templates
Kits are completely reversible
Fully integrated with Requisitioning, Purchasing, Inventory, and e-commerce
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