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Bookware 3000 Bookstore Management Solution
Point of Sale

On the front lines of your bookstore you need a system which can handle the wear and tear of daily use as well as perform quickly during the demands of rush. BookwarePOS is the system you've been waiting for. With durable hardware and intuitive software, BookwarePOS rises to meet the challenges of the Canadian college or university bookstore environment.

BookwarePOS Fully integrated with the Bookware3000 Bookstore Management System, BookwarePOS is continuously updated with new prices; it automatically adjusts inventory, generates requisitions for new inventory and prints invoices for on-account sales. BookwarePOS provides a complete, detailed audit trail of every item scanned or voided, accessible by machine, cashier, date, card, and item.

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Daily sales reports
Daily cashier reports
Hourly sales reports
Cash register inquiry
Cash reconciliation & GL posting
Sales collection scheduling
POS and cashier maintenance
Real-time inventory adjustments
Bar coded labels
Generates requisitions
Generates bar coded special orders
Automatically closes special orders
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