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EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, allows you to send purchase orders as electronic data directly over the Internet and is fast becoming the most popular method of order communication between vendors and bookstores.

Bookware EDI draws on all the advantages provided by the EDI system. Incorporated into Bookware3000, EDI can be used to send POs directly from the Purchasing program. The vendor receiving the EDI order will respond in kind by returning an EDI PO acknowledgement to your store. The acknowledgement will confirm the items which are on order as well as indicate which items are on backorder or are out of stock indefinitely.

For each EDI order, Bookware3000 tracks if it was sent successfully and, if it was not, it logs the error which prevented the communication. All information about EDI communications is easily accessible through Bookware3000.

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Fully integrated with Bookware3000
Direct transmission of purchase orders from Purchasing
Fast and easy-to-use
Communications are tracked and logged
Allows vendor confirmation of the order
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