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The Bookware3000 Fax and Email Document Server is a product designed to increase staff productivity and efficiency. Created out of the Bookware3000 Bookstore Management System, the Fax and Email Server allows users to fax or email Bookware3000 documents directly from Bookware3000: no printing of documents required.

Using the Fax and Email Server users can send the most frequently printed documents right from Bookware3000: Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Expedite letters, Returns Memos, Returns Permission letters, Returns Expedite letters, and Returns Extension letters.

The user can decide by what method each document is sent, fax or email, and can create and add customized messages to the cover page. The transmission log allows you to monitor the status of you faxes or emails. All documents will be listed as scheduled or completed, and any communication errors which occur will be logged and the error type listed.

Because faxes can be set to send at a default time, queuing until then, the Fax and Email Server can save your store money by reserving the faxes until non-peak times. If your store only has one fax line, the setting of a non-peak default send time ensures that your fax line is open to receive faxes during peak operation hours.

Click here for information regarding the Professor Notification add-on

Fax or Email option
Direct transmission of documents from Bookware3000
Documents transmission log
Automatic creation of cover letters
Automatic queuing
Optional once-a-day scheduled fax send time
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